Strategic plan

Strategic plan

Pangolin conservation program

Women for conservation is working jointly with the Divisional Forest Offices, Bhaktapur, Kathmandu,and Sindhupalchowk with the community members  for the conservation of the most traded and elusive yet the critically endangered Chinese Pangolin.

Fishing cat conservation

We are  working on Community Fishing Cat conservation and education awareness programs in schools and in local communities of lowland areas of Nepal.

Green program

Trees bring a multitude of benefits to cities, helping the environment as well as residents’ quality of life. They bring immense benefits such as filtering water run-off and cleaning the air as well as increasing health and quality of life as well as their role in creating vibrant urban environments. In this connection, we along with Jestha Nagarik Samuha of Kathmandu jointly are conducting tree plantation program in the fallow and abandoned land of Kathmandu.