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    Women for Conservation

    Women for conservation is a registered charity affiliated with the Government of Nepal.

    Congratulations to Ms Sarmila Shrestha, M.Sc Environmental Science for her study in Human-wildlife conflict in Nepal.

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    A future for people and nature

    Together we can challenge the threats to nature, and help ensure its ability to provide
    —for the sake of every living thing, including ourselves.

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    Community Initiatives for Pangolin Conservation

    Women for Conservation presents a unique gift to all the conservation partners in the auspicious occasion of Nepalese New year 2078.

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    Community Fishing Cat Conservation Project

Women for Conservation

Women for conservation, a registered charity affiliated with the Government of Nepal, appeals all our Respected Advisors, friends,well wishers and supporters to stay safe and careful from the Novel COVID-19 pandemic. We should not take any chances !!

Welcome to Women for Conservation

We spent a great deal of our effort and time on how we could be able to establish a complete place through which every women can enjoy a value based conservation works and finally we have been succeeded to execute our aim under the registered name: Women for Conservation.
Women for Conservation is an unparalleled non-profit organization that has been backed up by qualified, experienced and passionate small team of women that remains always attentive to environment and biodiversity conservation.
Our long period involvement in conservation world and its experiences perhaps has made us competent to understand the real need of women involvement in conservation science. .

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Working Themes

Environmental conservation through women and community participation
Biodiversity conservation
Environmental Sanitation
Community welfare capacity building
Education and outreach

Current Programs

Critically Endangered Chinese pangolin conservation in Solukhumbu district funded from Forestry Bureau, Taiwan & Mohamad bin Zyed Species Conservation Fund
Urban plantation program
Conservation training in Nepal
Globally threatened Fishing cat conservation funded from Forestry Bureau, Taiwan & Chicago Zoological Society

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Our Activities

Under biodiversity conservation theme, we are working on the globally threatened Chinese pangolin( Saalak in Nepali) conservation and Fishing Cat (Malaha Biralo) in the lowland wetlands of Nepal.

Under go green program, we are working with the Jestha Community Group, Golfutar for the plantation program at the urban barren and roadside areas.  We are happy to inform you that we have gran

Women for Conservation takes a privilege to thank our Valued Conservation Supporters & Media Partner

Community Forest

Social Welfare Council, Kathmandu


Taiwan Forestry Bureau


Mohamad bin Zyed Species Conservation Fund

Chicago Zoological Society

Audubon Naturalist Society

Roger Williams Park Zoo