Research grant to study Human Wildlife Conflicts & their mitigation

Human wild life conflict is an emerging problem, which has been the headache for every individuals, communities and Government. These problems arise, since the origin of human being. The study estimated that Nepal covers 41.9% by forest land and 27.32% by Agricultural land. (ICIMOD 2010) . The forestland is converted into Agricultural land and Residential areas. The rapid increase of population shrinks natural habitats for wild life. Growing human population occupy the space, food and territory of wild life which causes the conflict between Human- and
Wild animals.

The conflict between Human and Wildlife has been started since the Evolution of the living organism. Human wild life conflict is one of the threats to species extinction. The conflict between human and wildlife arises due to the habitat loss, scarcity of fodder, infrastructure development, unplanned and rapid urbanization. Although the study area had a conflict mostly of leopard and black boar. Each year, there has given threat to human being and domestic animals which result in crop raiding, livestock damages, human casualty and direct effect on food security. Besides, the research study will raise voice of victims and wildlife identifying the root causes so as that there is harmony and respect towards wildlife and people nearby.