Indira Community Welfare Program

Indira community welfare program
International Women’s Day is a global celebration across the world on the 8th of March every year. On this day, the achievements of women for the progress and development of society are appreciated and their courage is admired globally.
To mark the special day, Tuesday, March 8, 2022, we launched Indira community welfare program to socially underprivileged families and young students to develop their capability and career in defining needs and devise solutions to bring about positive social changes.
Let’s know who is Indira and the motive behind this initiation:
Indira , a 65 years old lady, was the only well educated women in the village and had an amazing skills such as sewing, weaving, type writing, farming and all the household deeds. The aroma of her generosity and knowledge were being spread all over her village. Despite of her boldness, she lost her sense of balance and showed erratic behavior and consequently fell into chronic depression. As per her close friends, she had a great desire to work in the bank where she can fully use her talent and type writing skills. As she was dragged behind from that opportunity, she could not control herself and slowly further affected from Schizophrenia( F20) disease since 30 years ago, added up from drug induced Parkinson and seizure. She hears someone whispering into her ears constantly and always trying hard to come back from her world of illusion. Nowadays, she is living a painful situation. Even though she is on medication, nothing is normal. Situations are pulling her so hard that she could not eat food and walk properly. She had a dream to serve underprivileged families specially children and women.
To reduce the barriers faced by women with disabilities in every community on earth, and to tribute her vigor, passion and temptation to serve people, we launched this program to encourage helpless children and talented youths who can bring positive light in communities through financial funding. We have a firm believe that courage is going from one failure to another without losing enthusiasm or oneself and of course creates wonders in many lives.
Let’s join with us in uplifting people with different abilities and underprivileged ones!!

Research grant to study Human Wildlife Conflicts & their mitigation

Human wild life conflict is an emerging problem, which has been the headache for every individuals, communities and Government. These problems arise, since the origin of human being. The study estimated that Nepal covers 41.9% by forest land and 27.32% by Agricultural land. (ICIMOD 2010) . The forestland is converted into Agricultural land and Residential areas. The rapid increase of population shrinks natural habitats for wild life. Growing human population occupy the space, food and territory of wild life which causes the conflict between Human- and
Wild animals.

The conflict between Human and Wildlife has been started since the Evolution of the living organism. Human wild life conflict is one of the threats to species extinction. The conflict between human and wildlife arises due to the habitat loss, scarcity of fodder, infrastructure development, unplanned and rapid urbanization. Although the study area had a conflict mostly of leopard and black boar. Each year, there has given threat to human being and domestic animals which result in crop raiding, livestock damages, human casualty and direct effect on food security. Besides, the research study will raise voice of victims and wildlife identifying the root causes so as that there is harmony and respect towards wildlife and people nearby.